Ladenaufsatzschrank Nussbaum 07

Large Nutwood Cabinet

Austria around 1850

Excep­tion­al chest on chest” cab­i­net made of a chest of draw­ers with a cab­i­net on top, exe­cut­ed in wal­nut wood.T his piece of fur­ni­ture is most­ly made of sol­id wal­nut wood, as opposed to the more com­mon veneered con­struc­tion. The low­er part of the cab­i­net fea­tures three large draw­ers, each with two han­dles and a lock. 

The side pan­els have recessed pan­els, and the top sur­face is field-shaped with a dec­o­ra­tive frieze and a pro­filed edge. Above the chest of draw­ers is a large inter­me­di­ate draw­er with a mould­ed front, two han­dles, and a lock. On top of that sits the large cab­i­net with six promi­nent­ly designed main draw­ers and a small top draw­er, each with a cen­tral han­dle. The side pan­els of the cab­i­net are also recessed. The large cab­i­net is equipped with a secret lock­ing mech­a­nism for the six main draw­ers, oper­at­ed from the lock­able mid­dle drawer. 

An extreme­ly rare, solid­ly craft­ed wal­nut wood piece of fur­ni­ture that can be per­fect­ly com­bined with both clas­sic and rur­al interiors

Ladenaufsatzschrank Nussbaum 06
Walnut chest on chest drawer W: 137 cm, D: 70,5 cm, H: 210 cm
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