HM Lobmeyr Kerzenleuchtergesamtfinal

An Impressive Pair of Rare Lobmeyr Candelabra

Vienna, last 3rd of the 19th Century

An undoubt­ed­ly sig­nif­i­cant mod­el from the man­u­fac­ture Lob­meyr, in gilt bronze with very fine cut glass ele­ments in three lev­els. 13-lights, one cen­ter arm with glass amphorae as sur­mount. The Can­de­labra stem made from cut glass of dif­fer­ent shapes sits on a gilt bronze base ring with small feet. The scrolled, ele­gant arms ter­mi­nat­ing in cut glass drip pans rich­ly hung with cut glass pendants.

This rare mod­el of an over one-meter tall Can­de­labra comes out of a manor house in Italy, which was part of the Aus­tri­an Monar­chy at this time.

HM Lobmeyr Kerzenleuchter D1final
Lobmeyr Candelabra H: 107 cm, Diameter: 55 cm
HM Lobmeyrfinal D2a
HM Lob Kerzenleuchter D3