Italienischer Doppelnotenstander 04

Double Music Stand with colored finish and leaf gilding

Italy, second half of the 19th Century

Elab­o­rate­ly carved and turned in full relief from wood. The base fea­tures a mould­ed, three-lobed pedestal on which the three curv­ing, volute-shaped and rich­ly carved feet stand. The shaft of the music stand sits on a small cor­nice and is sur­mount­ed with a cap­i­tal, flut­ed and adorned with ornate acan­thus leaves and a pearl border.

The rotat­ing dou­ble music stand is beau­ti­ful­ly exe­cut­ed with orna­men­ta­tion and leaf dec­o­ra­tion, adjustable in height using a thread­ed spin­dle; crowned with a small bra­zier. This extra­or­di­nary Ital­ian music stand is paint­ed in mul­ti­ple col­ors and gild­ed with gold leaf.

Italienischer Doppelnotenstander 01
Italian Music Stand Approx. dimensions: H: 45 cm, W: 56 cm, Min. H: 173 cm
Italienischer Doppelnotenstander 03