HM Skyscrapergesamt

A Pair of Skyscraper Ceiling Lights

60er/70ies, Walter Donner Co. Doriawerke Germany

The design of this ceil­ing lights is inspired by the sky­line of NY and is com­posed of square glass vas­es, which are mount­ed at dif­fer­ent heights.

The 16 glass vas­es in iced glass look are 65 cm and 50 cm long. Each lamp’s body is fit­ted with 12 light­bulbs inside at dif­fer­ent heights. The cylin­dri­cal ceil­ing fit­ments, stems and chains are chrome-plated.

A design high­light, espe­cial­ly as pair, in per­fect con­di­tion; for purists and peo­ple who love clear shapes.

HM Skyscaper Paar
A Pair of Skyscraper Ceiling Lights Lamp's body height: 80 cm, total height flexible, Diameter: ca. 55 cm
HM Skyscraper D1
HM Skyscraper D2
HM Skyscrapergesamt2