HM Bronze Doreelektgesamtneu

A Magnificent Pair Of Bronze Doré Girandoles

um 1900

The Can­de­labras are with a mould­ed, foli­ate and with blos­som gar­lands embell­ished base and stem, which merges into a twist­ed Acan­thus branch, issu­ing four scrolling Acan­thus dec­o­rat­ed arms ter­mi­nat­ing in foli­ate drip pans and noz­zles. The lit­tle ampho­ra on top of the cen­ter stem is remov­able and makes place for anoth­er, fith candle. 

This beau­ti­ful pair is based on a design draft of Juste Aurèle Meis­sonier, Paris 17301740. You can find a sim­i­lar mod­el in the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Muse­um and in The Wal­lace Collection.

J. Meis­sonier in/​Huquier sculp. Et ex à Paris rue St. Jacques C.P.R., Kupfer­stich aus: Oeu­vre de Juste Aurèle Meis­sonier…, a Paris chez Huquier, Douzieme-livre…Livre de Chan­de­liers en Argent“ o. J. 75, quot­ed in:
Ottomeyer/​Pröschel: Ver­gold­ete Bronzen. Die Bronzear­beit­en des Spät­barock und des Klas­sizis­mus. Ver­lag Klinkhardt & Bier­mann Munich, 1986
HM Bronze Doreelektrgesamt1neu
A Pair Bronze Doré Girandoles H: 73 cm, Diameter: circa 44 cm
HM Bronze Doreelektr D3
HM Bronze Doreelektrisch D2neu
HM Bronze Doreelektr D1neu