HM Vergoldeter Bronzelustergesamtneu

Exceptional Gilt Bronze Chandelier

around 1900

A rare mod­el with a pati­nat­ed ampho­ra shaped body and a flame finial issu­ing nine arched foli­ate light arms; four gild­ed, twist­ed sus­pen­sion rods embell­ished with tas­sels, are mount­ed on a pati­nat­ed ball on top; sun­rays and clouds as cresting.

HM Vergoldeter Bronzelutergesamt2neu
Chandelier H: circa 130 cm, Diameter: circa 76 cm Weight: circa 35 kg
HM Vergoldeter Bronzeluster D2neu
HM Vergoldeter Bronzeluster D2aneu
HM Bronzeluster D1neu