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French Salon Mirror

2nd Half of the 19th Century

This excep­tion­al Salon Mir­ror with mould­ed, leaf gild­ed, black frame has rocaille shaped, foli­ate dec­o­rat­ed bases on both low­er edges for putting it on con­soles, fire­places or wall pediments. 

The vivid­ly and fine­ly carved sur­mount with the shell-shaped cen­ter on top of the upper, curved frame, trails into rocailles, blos­soms and flower gar­lands each side. The beau­ti­ful colour com­bi­na­tion of gold and matt black is rare to find and will be per­fect for adding an excit­ing accent to mod­ern rooms.

Also, clas­sic Inte­ri­ors will ben­e­fit from this ele­gant­ly craft­ed, del­i­cate mir­ror being an eye­catch­er with­out over­load­ing the space.

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French Salon Mirror H: 197 cm, W: 122 cm
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