HM Lobmeyrklobengesamtbleuchtetneu

Exceptional Lobmeyr Glass Chandelier

Vienna, around 1900/1910

The clear, ele­gant shape makes this beau­ti­ful Chan­de­lier to a very spe­cial mod­el of its time. 

All over rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed with fine cut glass, faceted pen­dants and prisms; nine glass arms ter­mi­nat­ing in elab­o­rate glass drip pans, and blos­som shaped noz­zles with orig­i­nal white can­dle sleeves; in the upper part, three down­ward point­ing sock­ets for light­bulbs in beau­ti­ful­ly elab­o­rat­ed blos­som shaped noz­zles hung with faceted drops. 

The glass balus­ter stem with by hand glass cut bead­ed and ellip­tic shaped dec­o­ra­tion. With a facet cut pen­dant terminal.

HM Lobmeyrkloben gesamtneu
Chandelier H: 110 cm, Diameter: 67 cm
HM kl Lobmeyroben D2neu
HM kl Lobmeyr D3 Gluehbirneneu
HM kl Lobmeyroben D1neu