HM Wiener Deckenleuchtegesamt1neu

Elegant, Viennese Pendant Light

Vienna, last 3rd of the 19th Century

From the begin­nings of the Wiener Ringstraßen” peri­od, in the style of Theophil Hansen’s designs; gilt bronze, with fine foli­ate, blos­som, vines, and pine cones dec­o­ra­tion; it’s the rare case that this beau­ti­ful chan­de­lier still exists with the orig­i­nal matt glass receiv­ing bowl; three-lights; orig­i­nal­ly fit­ted for gas, lat­er con­vert­ed to electricity.

HM Wiener Deckenleuchtegesamt2neu
Deckenschalenleuchte H: circa 105 cm, Diameter: 55 cm
HM Wiener Deckenleuchte D1
HM Wiener Deckenleuchte D4
HM Wiener Deckenleuchte D3
HM Wiener Deckenleuchtegesamt