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Design Glass Chandelier

Italy, 1950s

Extra­or­di­nary mid­cen­tu­ry design chan­de­lier in a six-light ver­sion. The frame and the ceil­ing canopy are chrome-plat­ed, and the sock­ets are gilded.

The 19 large glass ele­ments, shaped like water lilies, are made with a mate­r­i­al called Gold­stone,” giv­ing these glass ele­ments a beau­ti­ful amber or hon­ey-col­ored reflec­tion.

An excep­tion­al design chan­de­lier with an ele­gant warm radi­ance, per­fect for rooms with extrav­a­gant flair…

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Italian Design Chandelier H: 124 cm, Dm: 75 cm
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