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Fine Bronze Doré Chandeliers with music-playing Fauns

Louis XVI Style, executed in the last third of the 19th Century

Fine gild­ed Bronze Doré Chan­de­lier with music-play­ing fauns in the Louis XVI style, exe­cut­ed in the last third of the 19th century.

Sump­tu­ous­ly craft­ed nine-armed chan­de­lier in fine­ly chis­eled gild­ed bronze. The nine arms are rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed with acan­thus leaves and flo­ral motifs, crowned with exquis­ite­ly chis­eled can­dle cups and noz­zles in leaf and flower shapes. The chan­de­lier stem is formed by three cary­atids with fauns, depict­ed with vivid­ly sculpt­ed upper bod­ies in ani­mat­ed pos­tures.

The music-play­ing fauns are play­ing the cym­bals and are dec­o­rat­ed with three large lau­rel gar­lands at the low­er part of the cary­atids. A small leaf dish forms the low­er base of the cary­atids, beneath which a large pinecone is posi­tioned at the cen­ter.

The heavy gild­ed bronze chain from which the chan­de­lier hangs tran­si­tions into a ceil­ing crown designed in the shape of large feath­ers.
The his­tor­i­cal design of the three depict­ed fauns dates back to Hel­lenis­tic rep­re­sen­ta­tions. Famous exam­ples of danc­ing fauns can be found in var­i­ous places such as:

The Uffizi Gallery in Flo­rence, Tri­buna Room 18 (Danc­ing Satyr, from the Group Invi­ta­tion to the Dance”).
Licht­en­stein — The Prince­ly Col­lec­tion Vaduz-Vien­na: Danc­ing Faun, Mas­si­m­il­iano Sol­dani-Ben­zi (16561740) after the Antiq­ui­ty, 1695 – 97.
Roy­al Acad­e­my of Arts: Cast of a danc­ing Faun; Medici Faun, pos­si­bly around 1781.

The pre­sent­ed chan­de­lier with its fauns is an extreme­ly rare mod­el. It forms a splen­did cen­ter­piece in any room. The warm reflec­tion of light on the beau­ti­ful gild­ing of the chan­de­lier makes it the focal point of any space.

Chan­de­liers like this have always been sought-after col­lec­tor’s items, often com­mis­sioned by high-rank­ing clien­tele for their cas­tles and palaces from sig­nif­i­cant mas­ters of their time.
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Bronze Doré Chandelier Diameter: 83 cm, Chandelier Body Height: 75 cm, Total Height with Chain: 135 cm (Chain can be shortened).
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