HM Firetoolsgesamt

Impressive Wrought Iron Fire Tools

around 1900

Very dec­o­ra­tive­ly hand-wrought iron fire tools on four-legged base, ter­mi­nat­ing in leave shaped feet. The elab­o­rate­ly per­fo­rat­ed and wave-shaped forged stem issues four expan­sive arms that hold the four large, orna­men­tal dec­o­rat­ed tools. The stem has two ham­mered orbs on both ends. 

These high­ly elab­o­rat­ed fire tools are most like­ly cus­tom-made and absolute­ly rare to find on the market.

HM Firetools D1
Fire Tools H of the stand in total: 104 cm, Diameter of the stand: 66 cm
HM Firetools D2
HM Firetools D4
HM Firetools D5