HM Salonsitzgruppe gesamtfinal

Elegant, Viennese Salon Suite

2nd Half of the 19th Century

Con­sist­ing of one Sofa, two slight­ly big­ger chairs, two side chairs and a mar­ble top table.

Leaf gild­ed and fine­ly carved with fine foli­ate and blos­som decoration.

On cabri­ole legs, the Sofa with swept arm sup­ports; the table with a ser­pen­tine rosé Por­to­gal­lo mar­ble top above a fine­ly carved dec­o­rat­ed frieze with a cen­tered medal­lion shape on each side a flank­ing foli­ate flower decoration.

All of them are new­ly uphol­stered with respect to tra­di­tion­al tech­niques, and ready for a fab­ric of your choice.

H Mkl Salonsitgruppe Sitzbankgesamt
Sofa W: 132 cm, D: 58 cm, H: 86 cm
H Mkl Salonsitzgruppe Bank D1
H Mkl Salonsitzgruppemittlere Stuehlegesamt
Bigger chairs W: 51 cm, D: 49 cm, H: 92 cm
HM kl Salonsitzgruppe D3a
H Mkl Salonsitzgruppekl Stuhelegesamt
Smaller chairs W: 52 cm, D: 47 cm, H: 84 cm
HM kl Salonsitzgruppekl Stuhl D1
HM Salonsitzgruppemit Tisch
Table (optional) W: 68 cm, D: 56 cm, H: 73 cm
HM Tisch1
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