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Very elegant Viennese Cardtable from the aristocratic house Hoyos

Vienna, around 1790/1800

A small, very fine and ear­ly Empire Card­table made in Mahogany & Mahogany veneers with fine bronze dec­o­ra­tion; the sur­round­ing frieze with four small draw­ers for cards on each side, raised on four taper­ing legs, ter­mi­nat­ing in small brass shoes.

Prove­nance: estate of Count­ess Alice Hoyos, doc­u­ment­ed in the Auc­tion cat­a­logue S. Kende“ 1936

Viennese Cardtable L: 92 cm, W: 62, H: 70 cm
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HM Hoyos
Original photo Hoyos' Salon Portrait of Countess Alice Hoyos, by C.W. Allers 1892