HM Fl Sitzgruppefinal

Rare Dutch Salon Suite *SOLD

around 1830, in museum quality

The salon suite com­pris­es a sofa, two stools, three chairs, one arm­chair and one footrest; in Pal­isander and Pal­isander veneer; very rich foli­ate and orna­men­tal inlay dec­o­ra­tion, with dif­fer­ent kinds of ani­mals (rab­bits, wild cats, dol­phins, birds, small mon­keys etc.) of high­est qual­i­ty and over­all in excel­lent condition.

New­ly uphol­stered in tra­di­tion­al man­ner, ready for the fab­ric of your choice.

Absolute­ly rare Salon Suite from the1st third of the 19th cen­tu­ry with beau­ti­ful inlay work in muse­ums quality. 

HM Fl Sitzgruppe Couchfinal
Sofa L: 206 cm, D: 67 cm, H: 106 cm
HM FL Sitzgruppe Couch Detail
HM Fl Sitzgruppe Armstuhlfinal
Side chairs W: 46 cm, D: 40 cm, H: 92 cm
HM Flaemische Sitzgruppe Armstuhl Detail
HM Flaemische Sitzgruppe Stuehle
Armchair W: 57 cm, D: 46 cm, H: 77 cm
HM Fl Sitzgruppe Stuhl Detailfinal
HM Fl Siztgruppe Hockerfinal
Stool Diameter 45 cm, H: 48 cm
HM Fl Sitzgruppe Fusschemelfinal
Footrest W: 48 cm, D: 31 cm, H: 20 cm