HM Armstuhl Wiener Boersegesamt

Majestic Armchair from the Viennese Stock Exchange *SOLD

Vienna, last 3rd of the 19th Century

Beau­ti­ful draft of the renowned Theophil Hansen (1813 Copen­hagen – 1891 Vien­na) for the Vien­nese stock mar­ket; in wal­nut wood;
padded arm sup­ports with beau­ti­ful lion heads & prawns, turned legs with roll cas­tors,
uphol­stered in close-nailed leather;
an excel­lent exam­ple for the style and excep­tion­al qual­i­ty of the Vien­nese Ringstraßen” – peri­od; labelled and num­bered Wiener Börsenkam­mer” (“Vien­nese stock exchange”)

HM Armstuhl Wiener Boersegesamt2
Armchair W: 72 cm, D: 77 cm, H: 103 cm
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