HM Fledermausgesamt

Salon Suite by Josef Hoffmann

Vienna around 1907, named "Fledermaus-Sitzgruppe"

The so-called Fle­d­er­maus-Gruppe” got its name from the epony­mous Vien­nese cabaret Fle­d­er­maus” which was fur­nished with this mod­el by Josef Hoffmann.

Con­sist­ing of a bench, two arm­chairs and four sidechairs, in sol­id beech­wood and bent beech­wood, Mahogany stained and pol­ished. Backs with mould­ed, bent back­rest ribs and a cen­ter medal­lion, seat and sup­ports ter­mi­nat­ing in a ball. 

Absolute­ly rare, still with the orig­i­nal suede tapes­try with flo­ral pat­tern, in amaz­ing condition.

Pro­duced by Fir­ma Mundus”

Deutsche Kun­st und Deko­ra­tion, Dezem­ber 1908“, p. 159, Sales Cat­a­logue of Jacob & Josef Kohn”, Vien­na 1916; also depict­ed in Bent Wood and Met­al Fur­ni­ture: 1850 – 1946“, pub­lished by The Amer­i­can Fed­er­a­tion of Arts, 1987 New York
Wiener Werk­stätte Kun­st und Handw­erk 1903- 1932”, Wern­er J. Schweiger, Edi­tion CH Brandstätter
HM Fledermaus D1
Fledermaus Sitzgruppe
HM Fledermaus Bank
One Bench W: 119 cm, T: 52 cm, H: 84 cm
HM Fledermaus D2
Two Armchairs W: 53 cm, T: 50 cm, H: 84 cm
HM Fledermaus Stoff
HM Fledermaus3
Four Sidechairs W: 55 cm, D: 43 cm, H: 84 cm
HM Fledermaus3
Poster for the Cabaret Fledermaus Left poster design by B. Löffler 1907, right by F. K. Delavillla
HM Fledermaus4
HM Fledermaus1
Cabaret Fledermaus Left J. Hoffmann, the entrance area to the bar of the Cabaret Fledermaus, right the auditorium viewed from the stage
HM Fledermaus2
HM Fledermaus5
Original chair by J. Hoffmann from the Cabaret Fledermaus around 1905