HM Wandapplike Muschelgesamt

A Pair of leaf-gilt Wall Appliques

Vienna around 1825

A pair of wall appliques, each one arm, stun­ning­ly leaf-gilt.

The wood­en carved wall fit­ments with orna­men­tal and Rocailles dec­o­ra­tion, issu­ing the hand-forged, foli­ate embell­ished arms, ter­mi­nat­ing in blos­­som-shaped nozzles.

Orig­i­nal­ly made for can­dles, lat­er fit­ted for elec­tric­i­ty carefully.

Pre­sum­ably, this pair of wall sconces is from parts in the Lom­bardy, Vene­to or from Tri­este, which was then part of the Empire of Aus­tria as the Hab­s­burg monar­chy. A nice exam­ple of how influ­ences of style and design exist­ed transna­tion­al­ly in the great monarchies.

HM Wandapplike Muschelgesamt1
Leaf-Gilt Viennese Wall Lights H: 29 cm, W: 12 cm
HM Wandapplike Muschel D1
HM Wandapplike Muschel D3
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