Hans Miedler Fine Art English Writing Desk

English Writing Desk

around 1930/40

This excep­tion­al­ly dec­o­ra­tive Lady Writ­ing Desk” is exe­cut­ed in Mahogany, intrigu­ing with a vari­ety of details and secret draw­ers, raised on four cabri­ole legs, ter­mi­nat­ing in ball and claws feet. 

The two large main draw­ers are embell­ished with swan neck” han­dles in yel­low met­al. The top is new­ly fit­ted with Alcan­tara in our work­shop. The sur­round­ing, dec­o­ra­tive frieze is fine­ly carved in wave shapes and per­fect­ly adjust­ed to the cen­ter and cor­ner forms of the desk.

The high­ly dec­o­ra­tive upper part comes with sev­er­al small draw­ers and com­part­ments, sur­mount­ed by a draw­er in mar­quee shape, cen­tered by a small taber­na­cle with anoth­er secret, shell shaped draw­er below. Two addi­tion­al small draw­ers are hid­ing fur­ther secret draw­ers deep­er down.

A beau­ti­ful­ly made, Eng­lish piece of fur­ni­ture, exe­cut­ed with tra­di­tion­al crafts­man­ship skills of the first half of the 20th century.

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English Writing Desk
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